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報告題目:Liquid structure in nano-space probed by x-ray scattering methods報告人: Prof. Milena Lippman(Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY)

報告時間:2021年6月10日 15:15-18:15

報告地點:Zoom會議室ID:931 4731 9556 密碼:chemuser(https://desy.zoom.us/j/93147319556)


報告內容摘要:In this talk the properties of the condensed matter confined in a nano-space are of interest. Nano confinement provides possibilities towards controlling the structure of condensed matter on a molecular level. Bulk liquids, in comparison to the crystalline matter, exhibit only short-range order. The structural properties of nano-confined liquids significantly differ from their bulk counterpart. In other words, nano-confinement represents a natural control on nano-scale properties of fluids, with relevance to engineering of hybrid materials energy science clean water science, chemistry and biology. However, a fundamental understanding of the properties of confined fluids is still missing. Recent research has shown confinement-induced crystallization and strong modifications of the phase diagram and dynamics, which is different to the bulk and cannot be understood to-date. A large body of theoretical and simulation work as well as micro mechanical, electrical, electro chemical, and optical experiments contributed to understanding of confined fluids and hybrid materials. However, these findings are not supported by experiments sensitive to the atomic scale structure and dynamics. Towards this end, X-ray reflectivity, small-angle and wide angle scattering and diffraction methods with small beams and precision are suitable experimental approaches. Example of different setups applicable with those X-ray techniques are presented.

報告人簡介:Milena Lippman currently is the Manager of the User Chemistry Laboratory and the Clean Room facility at PETRA III and FLASH at Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg, Germany. She receives her first PhD degree in Sofia University, Bulgaria in 2001 in the field of soft matter bulk materials. During the first PhD work she attended a one-year course focused on Physics of the Polymer Materials at theInstitute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Laboratory of Neutron and X-ray diffraction, Prague, Czech Republic, supported by the UNESCOresearch Program. In 2000 started the second PhD work at RWTH Aachen University, Germany in cooperation with the Science Center Juelich in Germany and DESY. During that time, she was supporting the Wiggler Beamline at the Synchrotron radiation source DORIS in Hamburg, DESY. In 2006 after the defend of the second PhD work, she became a beamline scientist at High-Resolution Diffraction beamlines P08 at PETRA III with focus on planning, building and management of the user chemistry laboratory facilities. Her research interest is in the field ofsoft matter physics in bulk and thin films. In resent year her scientific work is focused on structure and properties of the condensed matter confined in small geometries.

報告題目:X-ray applications to materials science at the 3rd generation synchrotron radiation source PETRA III報告人: Prof. Oliver H. Seeck(Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY)

報告時間:2021年6月10日 15:15-18:15

報告地點:Zoom會議室ID:931 4731 9556 密碼:chemuser(https://desy.zoom.us/j/93147319556)


報告內容摘要:The third-generation synchrotron radiation source PETRA III delivers bright X-ray beams mainly in the hard and high-energy X-ray range, enabling users to exploit the high brightness and coherence for in-situ and operando X-ray experiments. With its unique experimental capabilities, it serves more than 3000 international users each year from a wide spectrum of research fields in physics, chemistry, biology, materials, biomedical, and nanoscience, as well as cultural heritage. Many experiments are carried out under in-situ or operando conditions, making use of the superior coherence and focusing properties of the X-ray beams. Particularly for studies of materials e.g. for transport or for energy science X-ray methods are a very sensitive tool with sub-Angstrom microsecond resolution. This presention will be used to introduce methods of synchrotron radiation, based on the example of PETRA III, which are used to investigate samples from materials science. It will be shown, how X-ray methods help analysing texture, nano-strain, give insights in catalysis and battery research and outlooks to additive manufacturing.

報告人簡介:Oliver Seeck is currently leader of the diffraction and scattering beamlines at the 3rd generation synchrotron generation source PETRA III atDESY in Hamburg, Germany. He recieved his PhD degree from University Kiel in Germany in 1997 and was thereafter Postdoc at the Advanced Photon Source in Argonne, USA. He continued as Scientist at Science Center Juelich in Germany being responsible for a Wiggler Beamline at the Synchrotron radiation source DORIS in Hamburg, DESY. in 2005, Oliver Seeck changed to DESY as beamline responsible for the High-Resolution Diffraction beamlines P08 at PETRA III and was later promoted as group leader. His research is focussed on soft matter thin films and liquid films in confinement. He have been authored two important monographs X-Ray Diffraction: Modern Experimental Techniques and “X-ray reflectometry and related surface near x-ray scattering methods”, as well as over 80 indexed papers in journals of PRL, JPCL, AFM, PNAS, ASC nano,etc.



報告時間:2021年6月10日 16:00-17:30



主要介紹新四軍是中國共產黨領導下的一支抗日武裝,在抗日戰爭、解放戰爭中立下豐功偉績,形成 的“鐵軍精神”內涵豐富,永放光芒,永遠值得學習和弘揚。




報告人:向開南 教授(湘潭大學)

報告時間:2021年6月10日(周四)上午 10:00-11:00




報告人:郭宗寬 研究員(中國科學院理論物理研究所)











報告時間:2021年6月16日 19:30-21:00

報告地點:騰訊會議ID:461 127 145





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